Optional Compressor Shortcuts

Compressor was designed with workflow in mind. Depending on your needs, there are a number of ways to speed up the Compressor transcoding workflow.

Using Preexisting Settings

Compressor contains a number of preexisting settings that allow you to start transcoding immediately. If these preexisting settings suit your needs, you can transcode your source media files immediately.

See Quick and Easy Compressor Workflow: Manual Method for more information.

Even if you need to create custom settings, you can group them so that they can be easily applied to targets. See Creating, Previewing, and Modifying Settings for more information.

Using Default Settings and Destinations

If you find that you are applying the same settings and destinations to each source media file, you can configure Compressor preferences to automatically apply those settings and destinations. See Setting Compressor Preferences for more information.

Working with Droplets

Droplets provide a fast and convenient way to transcode material without even opening Compressor. You create a Droplet by saving a setting or a group of settings and destinations as an active icon. When you drag one or more source media files to it, the Droplet begins the transcoding process automatically.

See Creating a Droplet from the Settings Tab for more information.