History Window

The History window gives you quick access to and some information about previously submitted batches. You can use this window to pause a transcoding operation, resubmit batches by dragging them to the Batch window, or view submission details about particular batches. You can also use it to locate the output media files from previously submitted batches.

The History window also contains a progress bar that you can use to monitor the status of previously submitted batches.

To open and close the History window
Do one of the following:
  • Choose Window > History (or press Command-1).

  • Click the History button in the Batch window toolbar.

Figure. The History window.

Note: The History window automatically opens if it is closed when you submit a batch for transcoding.

The History window contains entries that display information about the batch name and the date and time it was originally transcoded. The entries are ordered by date, with the oldest first. When you drag a batch into the Batch window for resubmission, a new untitled batch is created for it (any existing batches are unaffected).

For more information about the controls and settings in the History window, see About the History Window.