Preview Window

The Preview window consists of a split screen that displays your selected source media file in its original form on the left side, and what your output media file will look like on the right side. This allows you to make a comparison between the original and transcoded versions and adjust your settings as necessary. Using the options in this window, you can crop the frame, add key frames, and change the aspect ratio.

To open the Preview window
Do one of the following:
  • Choose Window > Preview (or press Command-2).

  • Click the Preview button in the Batch window toolbar.

Figure. The Preview window.

The Preview window has additional features, including a marker management pop-up menu. The marker management pop-up menu allows you to import chapter lists or manually add chapter (and podcast) markers and compression markers (to improve the compression quality of your media file). You can also view Edit/Cut compression markers that were generated in other applications such as Final Cut Pro. If you are sending a Final Cut Pro project to Compressor, these settings or markers are transferred with your project. These markers are also exported to DVD Studio Pro. See Working with MPEG-2 I-Frames and More About GOPs and Markers for more information.

For more information about the controls and settings in the Preview window, see About the Preview Window.