Duplicating Settings

If there is a setting that contains some attributes that you want to use in another setting, you can duplicate the existing setting and make the necessary modifications to the duplicated one, rather than creating a new setting from scratch. Duplicating a stock Apple setting and then adjusting the duplicate to suit your needs is the most convenient way to create custom settings.

To duplicate a setting
  1. Select the setting that you want to duplicate in the Settings tab.

  2. Click the Duplicate Selected Setting button.

    Figure. Diagram showing selected setting and the Duplicate Selected Setting button.

    A new setting appears in the Custom folder with the word Untitled appended before the original name.

  3. Select the new setting in the Custom folder.

  4. Open the following Inspector panes to modify the following items:

    • The setting name and description: Change the name and description to make it easy to remember why you created this custom setting.
    • Encoder pane: Change the output format and video and audio codecs and their associated attributes here.
    • Frame Controls pane: Change any attribute in the Frame Controls pane.
    • Filters pane: Change any filter attributes here. Click the checkbox next to a filter to add it to the setting, or deselect it to remove it from the setting.
    • Geometry pane: Change any attribute in the Geometry pane.
    • Actions pane: Change any attribute in the Actions pane.
  5. If you have modified the setting in any way, you can do either of the following to save the changes:

    • Click the Save button at the bottom of the Inspector window to save the changes.

    • Attempt to select any other setting.

      A dialog asks if you want to save the changed attributes.

      Figure. Dialog asking if you want to save the changed attributes.
  6. Click OK to save the changes, or click Revert to cancel the changes and return to the Inspector.

See Assigning Settings to Source Media Files for information about assigning settings.