Finalizing Jobs and Submitting Batches

A job consists of a source media file with at least one target, composed of a setting and a destination, assigned to it. You created the jobs by importing the source media files. Adding targets makes them ready to be submitted for transcoding.

For a job to be complete, and thus ready to be submitted for transcoding, you need to add one or more targets to it. Each target contains a setting, which defines everything about what the file is to be transcoded into, and a destination, which defines where the transcoded file is saved and how its name is generated. Each target also allows you to manually enter the name for the output file.

Compressor gives you a number of different options for assigning settings and destinations to your targets and submitting and resubmitting batches.

Note: See About the Settings Tab and About the Destinations Tab for more information about creating presets in these windows.