Contacting AppleCare Support

Information about the support options available from Apple is included in your Final Cut Studio package. Several levels of support are available.

Whatever your issue, it’s a good idea to have the following information immediately available when you contact Apple for support. The more of this information you have to give to the support agents, the faster they will be able to address your issue.

In certain support situations, AppleCare may require information about both your computer and how this particular application is configured. Choosing Help > Create Support Profile creates a file that contains the necessary information and can be emailed to AppleCare. You would not normally use this feature unless directed to by an AppleCare representative.

AppleCare Support can be reached online at

There is also an item in the Help menu that will take you directly to the AppleCare website.

To go to the AppleCare website from within Compressor
  • Choose Help > Compressor Support.