Introduction to the DVD Studio Pro Interface

A wide variety of users use DVD Studio Pro, from those who are familiar with iDVD and want to access a few more DVD authoring features, to those who have extensive experience with professional DVD authoring applications.

Figure. Advanced configuration of the interface showing the toolbar and quadrant tabs.

You can arrange the DVD Studio Pro interface to display as much information as you need. The main interface can be arranged to display from one to four quadrants. Each quadrant can contain one or more tabs. Each tab provides access to specific functions. For example, the Menu tab contains the Menu Editor which you use to create menus. Some tabs will be used by all users while others are only used for advanced features. See Overview of the Quadrant Tabs for information on the tabs.

The interface also includes a customizable toolbar. You can choose which tools appear and which are hidden. See Toolbar for more information.

A floating Inspector displays properties for each project element, with its contents changing based on the currently selected element. For example, if you are working on a menu’s buttons, the Inspector displays all properties and settings that apply to buttons. When creating basic DVD Studio Pro projects, you might find it easier to keep the Inspector closed, only opening it when necessary. See Inspector for more information.

Figure. Menu Inspector.

A floating Palette provides easy access to features that help you create menus and tracks. These features include:

See Palette for more information.

Figure. Templates tab of the Palette.