Using the Outline Tab

The Outline tab provides a simple list view of your project’s elements. It contains two displays: By Type and By VTS. You can click the Alternate View button to switch between the two displays or drag the partition to show both displays at the same time.

The elements in the By VTS and By Type displays are very similar and can be used to do many of the same things. For example, double-clicking an element in either display opens it in its editor and inspector. (Selecting an element in one display also selects that same element in the other.)

The primary difference is in how they are organized.

Note: The Languages section in the By Type display does not represent actual elements—it represents languages that can be used for the menus. It does not appear in the By VTS display because it is not specific to a VTS.

Figure. Outline tab set to the By Type view.

Selecting Elements

The most common way to use the Outline tab is to select a project element so that you can configure it. Selecting an element changes the Inspector and the element’s editor to display settings for that particular element. Double-clicking an element brings the editor to the front of the DVD Studio Pro interface, the same as if you clicked its tab.

You can select several elements at once by holding down the Command key while clicking the elements, or select all elements by pressing Command-A. You can delete, duplicate, and save descriptions of a group of elements.

If you hold the pointer over an element in the Outline tab, a tooltip appears that shows additional information about the element, such as what type of menu it is or how many streams it has.

Moving Elements in the By Type Display

You can move an element from one position to another within the same section.

Note: The order of the elements in the By Type display does not affect how the elements are written to the DVD.

To change an element’s position in the Outline tab’s By Type display
  • Drag the element to its new position. As you drag, a line appears between elements to indicate where the dragged element will be moved when you release it.

    Figure. Dragging an element to change its position in the Outline tab.