The DVD Studio Pro interface includes a toolbar that can be customized to display exactly the tools you need. The toolbar provides one-click access to a variety of functions, such as creating menus and slideshows or simulating your title.

You can customize the toolbar in a variety of ways, including selecting the tools to include, rearranging them, and choosing whether both the tool’s icon and text appear.

Note: Choosing a new user configuration from the Window menu also changes the toolbar contents. Be sure to save a new user configuration once you are finished customizing the toolbar.

Hiding and Showing the Toolbar

You can choose to hide the toolbar completely.

To hide the toolbar
  • Choose View > Hide Toolbar.

To show a toolbar that has been hidden
  • Choose View > Show Toolbar.

Managing the Toolbar

DVD Studio Pro provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for managing the toolbar.

To manage the toolbar
  1. To display the toolbar palette, do one of the following:

    • Choose View > Customize Toolbar.

    • Control-click the toolbar, then choose Customize Toolbar from the shortcut menu.

      Figure. Toolbar configuration shortcut menu.
  2. To add tools to the toolbar, drag their icons from the toolbar palette to their new position in the toolbar.

    Figure. Dragging an icon to the toolbar from the toolbar palette.
  3. Do one of the following to remove tools from the toolbar:

    • Drag the tool you want to remove out of the toolbar.

    • Control-click the tool you want to remove and choose Remove Item from the shortcut menu.

  4. To change the order of the tools in the toolbar, drag each tool to its new position.

  5. To set the toolbar to a default configuration, drag the default set of tools to the toolbar.

  6. Do one of the following to control whether each tool’s icon and text appear in the toolbar:

    • Choose Text Only, Icon Only, or Icon & Text from the Show pop-up menu in the toolbar palette.

    • Control-click the toolbar and choose Text Only, Icon Only, or Icon & Text from the shortcut menu.

  7. Click Done when you are finished configuring the toolbar.

Toolbar Items

The following items (listed in alphabetical order) can appear in the toolbar.

Note: With the exception of Space, Flexible Space, and Separator, you can have only one of each item in the toolbar.

Figure. Toolbar palette.
  • Add Language: Adds a new menu language to the project.
  • Add Layered Menu: Adds a new layered menu to the project.
  • Add Menu: Adds a new standard menu to the project.
  • Add Slideshow: Adds a new slideshow to the project.
  • Add Story: Adds a story to the currently selected track (or the first one, if none is currently selected).
  • Add Script: Adds a new script to the project.
  • Add Track: Adds a new track to the project.
  • Build: Compiles your project and creates a video title set (VIDEO_TS folder) of your project.
  • Build/Format: First builds the video title set, then writes it to a DVD drive, DLT drive, or as a disk image to a hard disk.
  • Burn: Builds the video title set and writes it to your DVD burner using the current Disc Inspector settings.
  • Configurations: Opens the Configuration Manager dialog so that you can manage or apply an interface configuration.
  • Customize Toolbar: Opens the toolbar palette.
  • Disc Meter: Displays the disc meter. A progress bar shows both the amount of disc space used and what is still available (based on the Disc Media you select in the Disc/Volume tab in the Disc Inspector). The number underneath the progress bar shows the amount of space used.
  • Flexible Space: Inserts a space into the toolbar that automatically expands to fill any existing empty space. This ensures that there are tools at the left and right edges of the toolbar.
  • Format: Writes the video title set to a DVD drive, Digital Linear Tape (DLT) drive, or as a disk image to a hard disk.
  • Import Asset: Opens the Import Asset dialog, allowing you to select assets to import into the project.
  • Inspector: Displays the Inspector.
  • Menu Editor: Displays the Menu Editor.
  • Palette: Displays the Palette in its last configuration.
  • Read DLT: If a DLT drive is connected and a DLT tape inserted, reads the tape contents and writes them to the designated drive.
  • Separator: Inserts a vertical bar into the toolbar, allowing you to group tools.
  • Show Colors: Opens the Colors window.
  • Show Fonts: Opens the Fonts window.
  • Simulate: Opens the project Simulator, allowing you to try out your project before actually building it.
  • Slideshow Editor: Displays the Slideshow Editor.
  • Space: Inserts a fixed space into the toolbar. This allows you to group tools by adding a fixed space between them.
  • Story Editor: Displays the Story Editor.
  • Track Editor: Displays the Track Editor.
  • Viewer: Displays the Viewer tab.