Previewing Assets

You can display an asset in the Viewer tab or listen to its audio.

To preview an asset
  1. Select the asset in the Assets tab.

  2. Preview the asset by doing one of the following:

    • Choose File > Asset > Preview (or press the Space bar).

    • Control-click the asset, then choose Preview from the shortcut menu.

    • Double-click the asset.

Figure. Viewer tab showing the preview controls.

You can use the controls in the Viewer tab to pause and stop playback.

QuickTime video assets preview in their native format, even if they have been encoded with the integrated MPEG encoder. To preview the MPEG-encoded version of the QuickTime asset, you must add the asset to a track and preview it from the Track Editor.

The Settings pop-up menu contains several settings that control what you see in the Viewer tab.

Note: Anamorphic still assets will preview as 4:3 assets.