Deleting Templates and Styles

You can delete templates and styles once you no longer need them.

To delete a template or style
  1. Select the template or style to delete. You can select multiple items to delete.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Control-click the item to be deleted, then choose Delete Selected Template or Delete Selected Style from the shortcut menu.

    • Click Delete at the bottom of the Palette.

  3. A dialog appears, warning that deleting this item may affect this and other projects. Click OK.

Note: You cannot delete a template or style that contains assets currently in use on a menu.

The template or style is deleted.

Deleting Really Deletes

When you delete a template or style, the file is actually deleted from the disk. You cannot undo a deletion. This can be a serious issue if the template or style is self-contained because the assets used in the template or style are also deleted. Any projects that used the deleted template or style will no longer be able to access those assets, and you will need to relink their assets.

Deleting Apple Templates and Styles

You cannot delete the Apple templates supplied with DVD Studio Pro; however, you can delete the Apple styles. If you later decide you want to use the deleted styles, you must reinstall DVD Studio Pro to get them back.