About Marker Placement

Markers can only be placed on Group of Pictures (GOP) boundaries. Because of this restriction, you cannot precisely position a marker on the exact frame you want to—you often need to set the marker either a little early or a little late. The length of the GOP depends on the MPEG encoder’s settings (NTSC systems commonly use a GOP size of 15 frames and PAL systems commonly use a GOP size of 12 frames). This means that, unless you embed markers with a video editor, you may need to set a marker as much as 6 or 7 frames from where you’d like.

If you import markers from a timecode list, the markers are moved to a GOP boundary when they are imported. The Track pane in DVD Studio Pro Preferences lets you choose how the markers are placed. See Track Preferences for more information.

If you import a video asset edited with a version of Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express that supports chapter markers, the integrated MPEG encoder automatically adds GOP boundaries at the marker frames, so the markers end up positioned exactly where intended.

If you convert a slideshow to a track, each still clip has a marker placed at its beginning. The markers are named the same as the still asset used for its clip. These markers retain any pause and DVD@CCESS settings that may have been set in the Slideshow editor. If any slides use transitions, the transitions appear as a shaded area in the timeline with a cell marker at their beginning.

Figure. Stream in the Track Editor showing the transition indicator.

You can configure the transition by selecting the clip and making changes in the Clip Inspector’s Transition tab. If a still with a transition also has a pause, the marker for the next clip is placed at the beginning of the transition instead of at the next clip’s start. See Using Still Clip Transitions and Converting a Slideshow to a Track for more information.

See Working with GOP Settings for more information about GOP structures, and Adding Markers to Your Video for information on using Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express to add markers to a clip.