Importing Markers from a Text List

You can create a list of timecode points that DVD Studio Pro can import to create markers. The timecode values need to match the timecode of the track’s video clip. The list of timecode values must be a plain text file; you can create it with TextEdit (as long as you save the file as plain text). If you create the list with a more complex word-processing application, be sure to save the file as a plain ASCII text file with no formatting. The file must follow these rules:

To import a marker list from a text file
Do one of the following:
  • Choose File > Import > Marker List.

  • Control-click in the Track Editor’s marker area in the track you want to apply the marker list to, then choose Import Marker List from the shortcut menu.

Once the import is complete, a message appears stating how many markers were imported. The markers are placed on the timeline at GOP boundaries. The Track pane in DVD Studio Pro Preferences contains a setting that controls how the GOP is chosen. See Track Preferences for more information.