Setting Story Properties

The Story Inspector has two tabs: General and User Operations.

See User Operations for details on the settings in this tab.

Settings at the Top of the Story Inspector

Following are the settings at the top of the Story Inspector.

Figure. Top section of the Story Inspector.
  • Name: Enter the name for the story.

General Tab in the Story Inspector

The Story Inspector appears when you select a story in the Outline or Graphical tab. If you select an entry or marker in the Story Editor, the Inspector changes to display details about that item. Select the story in the Outline or Graphical tab to switch back to the Story Inspector.

Figure. General tab of the Story Inspector.
  • Stream Options: Deselect the checkboxes to disable any audio and subtitle streams you do not want to be available when this story plays. This is useful when you don’t want the story to have access to streams that might contain objectionable content.
  • Wait: Use this control to set how long the DVD player displays the last frame of the story’s video before exercising the End Jump setting.
    • None: Immediately jumps to the End Jump setting.
    • Seconds: Shows the story’s last frame for the number of seconds you enter.
    • Infinite: Shows the story’s last frame indefinitely.
  • Display Condition: Select this checkbox to set display condition settings to control whether this story should play or not, and to define what should play if not this story. See Display Condition for more information.