Setting Track Properties

The Track Inspector contains a top section and four tabs: General, Other, User Operations, and Transition.

Settings at the Top of the Track Inspector

There are three settings at the top of the Track Inspector.

Figure. Top of the Track Inspector.
  • Name: Enter the name for the track. If a track is created because a video asset was dragged to the Menu Editor, the Outline tab, or the Graphical tab, it is automatically named the same as the video asset. In other cases, the track is named “Track _” where “_” is the next available number.
  • Est. Size: Shows the approximate amount of disc space the track will require. This takes into account all of the assets assigned to the video, audio, and subtitle streams.

General Tab in the Track Inspector

The General tab in the Track Inspector contains the following settings.

Figure. General tab of the Track Inspector.
  • Wait: You can set how long the DVD player shows the last frame of the track’s video before exercising the End Jump setting.
    • None: Immediately jumps to the End Jump setting.
    • Seconds: Shows the track’s last frame for the number of seconds you enter.
    • Infinite: Shows the track’s last frame indefinitely.
  • Display Condition: Select this checkbox to set display conditions to control whether this track should appear or not, and to define what should appear if not this track. See Display Condition for more information. Select the Apply to Stories checkbox to also have these display conditions apply to stories based on this track.

Other Tab in the Track Inspector

The Timestamps settings in the Other tab in the Track Inspector applies to both SD and HD projects. The other settings in the tab apply only to SD projects.

Figure. Other tab of the Track Inspector.
  • Timestamps: Shows the start timecode of the first video asset in the V1 stream. You can also enter a track offset that is used in place of the first video asset’s timecode when you choose Asset-Based Timecode in the Track Editor. See Timecode in the Timeline for more information.
  • Reset: Click to change the track offset back to 00:00:00:00, allowing the first asset start time to be used for the timeline (if you are using asset-based timecode in the Track Editor).
  • Closed Caption: SD projects only. Use these settings to assign a closed caption file to this track. See Line 21 Settings for Closed Captions for more information.

User Operations Tab in the Track Inspector

The User Operations tab is the same as those in other DVD Studio Pro Inspectors, and is discussed in User Operations.

Figure. User Operations tab of the Track Inspector.

Transition Tab in the Track Inspector

The Transition tab is the same used in the Clip Inspector when a still clip is selected. See Transition Tab in the Track and Clip Inspectors for details on the Transition tab.

Figure. Transition tab of the Track Inspector.