Viewing Subtitles

To see how your subtitles look over moving video, including the fade in and fade out settings, you must preview or simulate the track.

Previewing Subtitles

Before you can preview a subtitle, you need to enable its stream; you can then start playing the track.

To preview a subtitle
  1. Select the video, audio, and subtitle streams you want to preview, using the button at the far left of each stream.

    Figure. Stream selection buttons on the left side of the Track Editor.

    See Setting Stream Properties for more information on stream settings.

  2. Play the track by clicking the Play button in the Viewer tab.

The track plays from the playhead’s current position. Because the playhead automatically jumps to each subtitle clip as you edit them, you need to move it back to the track’s beginning if you want to begin playing from there. Alternatively, you can move the playhead to any position on the timeline to start playback at that point.

See Playhead for information on using the playhead. See Viewing a Track for more information on playing tracks.

Simulating Subtitles

DVD Studio Pro provides two ways to start the Simulator: at the First Play connection using Simulator in the toolbar, and at the current track using a shortcut menu in the Outline and Graphical tabs.

Because you may have not yet configured your project so that you can easily navigate to this track from the First Play setting, it is often more convenient to start the Simulator playing at the current track.

To start the Simulator at a specific track
Do one of the following:
  • Select the track, then choose File > Simulate Track, or press Command-Option-0 (zero).

  • Control-click the track in the Outline or Graphical tab, then choose Simulate Track from the shortcut menu.

  • Control-click a stream in the Track Editor, then choose Simulate from Track from the shortcut menu.