HD Video Assets

There are a variety of sources for HD video assets to use in your HD projects, with the most common being DVCPRO HD and HDV camcorders.

DVD Studio Pro supports HD video encoded using the HD MPEG-2 codec and the H.264 codec. Both of these formats are playable with the Apple DVD Player. You can use Compressor to encode video to either of these formats. When you import HD resolution QuickTime video, such as DVCPRO HD video, into DVD Studio Pro, it is HD MPEG-2 encoded using the integrated MPEG encoder.

Using HDV Assets

The HDV format uses MPEG-2 encoding to store HD video on a standard DV or Mini DV tape. Two video resolutions supported by the HDV format:

  • 1280 x 720 (720p) at 19 Mbps

  • 1440 x 1080 (1080i or 1080p) at 25 Mbps (which is anamorphic 16:9)

Imported HDV assets have the video and audio separated into elementary streams (the HDV format combines the video and audio into a single file), but are not otherwise processed or converted.

Important: The HD DVD specification does not support all HDV frame rates. See About HDV Video for more information.

Using H.264 Assets

You can use the H.264 for HD DVD presets included with Compressor to encode several supported HD and SD video resolutions for use in your HD projects.

The H.264 encoder is twice as efficient as the standard MPEG-2 encoder. When compared to encoding with MPEG-2, this means that with the H.264 encoder:

  • You can use a lower bit rate to get the same quality, resulting in smaller files.

  • You can use the same bit rate and get better quality with the same file size.

See About H.264 Video for more information.

Using DVCPRO HD and Uncompressed HD Assets

Another source of HD assets for your HD projects is video encoded with the DVCPRO HD compression types or uncompressed video. DVCPRO HD video, like DVCPRO SD video, and uncompressed video cannot be used directly in your DVD Studio Pro projects. You can import them, however, and DVD Studio Pro will automatically encode them to compatible HD MPEG-2 assets using the integrated MPEG encoder. You can also encode them to HD MPEG-2 or H.264 using Compressor or QuickTime.

Note: Using the Animation codec with HD resolution video can significantly reduce your computer’s performance and should be avoided if possible. An alternative is to use the Apple Intermediate Codec.