Hard Disk Storage

No matter what sort of titles you intend to create, you will be working with very large files.

You should have at least twice as much hard disk storage space as the size of your project. (For DVD-5, for example, which can hold about 4.4 GB, you need 4.4 GB for the MPEG-2 encoded asset files and another 4.4 GB to hold the built, or compiled, project. An HD project can require about 60 GB to hold the asset and built project. Original asset files, such as DV format video, require much more space than the MPEG-2 encoded versions used in your DVD project.) For best build performance, dedicate two or three Ultra Wide A/V or FireWire hard disks to your project. (Make sure they contain only your media and no other programs that might fragment the disk and decrease performance.) If you have three disks, use one for video assets, one for audio assets, and the third for the finished files. If you have two disks, use one for source assets and one for final files.