About the Script Inspector

A general Script Inspector appears when no command lines in the script are selected. To display the script’s Script Inspector, you need to either click in an empty area below the command lines in the Script Editor or click the script’s name in the Outline or Graphical tab.

Figure. Script Inspector showing the name, GPRM partition, and GPRM import and export areas.

The Script Inspector displays values showing the number of commands used and how many are still available out of the possible total of 124. (Configuring a scripting command may use up to 16 of the 124 commands.) These values will turn red if your script uses more than 124 commands, with a negative number in the Commands Remaining value indicating how many excess commands there are.

It is also where you name your script and then configure the partitions and names of the GPRM registers.

Note: You can also configure the partitions and names of the GPRM registers in the Advanced tab in the Disc Inspector.

See Configuring GPRM Partitions for more information.