Connections Tab

Connections are listed in two sections in the Connections tab. The sources (the elements’ starting points) and their current connections are on the left and the targets (the destinations) are on the right.

Figure. Connections tab showing the source and target sections, the separator bar between them, and the layout button.

You can also display the two halves of the Connections tab with the sources on the top and the targets on the bottom by either clicking the buttons in the upper-right corner or pressing the Control key and clicking the separator bar.

Figure. Connections tab showing the sources on top and the targets on the bottom.

The pop-up menus along the top of the Connections tab allow you to choose the detail level of the sources and whether to view only sources that do or do not have a connection assigned.

Figure. Top part of the Connections tab showing the detail view and connection status buttons and the field listing the element the source belongs to.