Determining Your Target Audience and Playback Device

As with any media project, you must have a clear idea of who the viewers are and what their expectations will be. You may need to create a title that simply plays a movie as soon as the DVD is loaded, with no viewer interaction at all. Or, you may need to create a title with highly customizable languages or display types.

Another major consideration is whether your DVD will be played on a computer. When a DVD is played on a set-top DVD player, the arrow buttons on the remote control provide the primary navigation controls. However, when a DVD is played on a computer, viewers typically use the pointer for navigation. This distinction affects menu designs because you need to make it obvious where viewers should click to activate the buttons.

Additionally, if you need the title to play on older computers, you may need to set the bit rate as low as possible, to increase the chances that the title will play without stuttering.