Deciding Which Video Standard to Use

In addition to choosing the DVD standard you want to use, you must also choose the video standard to use. You can choose between NTSC and PAL. This choice affects the video resolutions and frame rates that are supported.

Important: You cannot use both NTSC and PAL assets in the same project.

Also, be careful not to confuse the video standard setting with the region code setting. The region code setting allows you to specify the regions that can play your DVD—choosing a region that primarily contains PAL countries does not force you to use the PAL video standard, though in most cases you would want to.

See Video Standards of the World for information on which countries support each video standard. It is also useful to keep in mind that DVD players that can play both NTSC and PAL are becoming more common and are most common in PAL countries. However, in most cases, while the DVD player can output either video standard, it assumes the video monitor it is connected to can display either standard (which is less likely to be true).