Introduction to Preparing Video Sources

After you have captured and edited your source material, you need to encode it to make it DVD-compliant. Compressor is a full-featured video and audio compression application included with Final Cut Studio that you can use to create DVD-compliant assets for use in DVD Studio Pro. DVD Studio Pro is integrated with Compressor to provide easy access to the commonly used MPEG, AIFF, and Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding functions for converting QuickTime video to DVD-compliant assets.

The DVD Studio Pro integration with Compressor allows you to directly import QuickTime sources into a project—the encoders work with the sources while you continue authoring the project.

You can also use Compressor as a standalone application to get more options and control over the encoding process. Compressor also integrates well with Final Cut Pro, providing exceptionally high-quality MPEG-2 streams directly from Final Cut Pro sequences.

This chapter describes how to prepare video source material for use in DVD Studio Pro and how to use the integrated MPEG encoder. For more information on DVD-compliant material, see About MPEG Video.

There are three areas in a DVD project that can use video sources:

The DVD-Video specification has strict requirements for several aspects of the sources used. For best results, you should create and capture your video and audio using the settings required for DVD.

See DVD Video Source Settings Summary for a complete list of settings required for a source to be DVD-compliant.