Audio Formats Not Supported by the DVD Specification

If you import an audio format that is not supported by the DVD specification, DVD Studio Pro automatically uses the embedded AIFF encoder to transcode the audio file into an uncompressed AIFF format file. For example, if you import an MP-3 file (a file format that is not supported by the DVD specification), DVD Studio Pro creates an AIFF file from the MP-3 file and that is what is used by your project.

Note: Because an AIFF file is not compressed, its file size will be substantially larger than the original MP-3 file. If disc space is an issue, you can use the AC-3 encoder in the Compressor application to transcode the AIFF file to the Dolby Digital AC-3 format. See Dolby Digital AC-3 Audio for more information.

Using AAC Audio Files from the iTunes Store

DVD Studio Pro is able to import and use AAC format audio files purchased from the iTunes Store as long as the computer you are using them on is authorized to use them. If you import iTunes Store files that the computer is not authorized to use, DVD Studio Pro plays silence when it encounters those files. Additionally, if you select and try to play an iTunes Store file that the computer is not authorized to play in the Audio tab in the Palette, DVD Studio Pro plays silence. As with MP-3 files, AAC files are converted to AIFF files.