Creating a Menu

Creating a menu involves two basic steps: selecting the background graphic or video, and setting up the buttons. Selecting the background graphic or video is fairly simple; the only challenge is when you use multilayer Photoshop files. Setting up the buttons involves identifying where they are located by drawing boxes over them, and then setting up their actions (what happens when they are activated) and the colors to display for their different states.

DVD Studio Pro gives you two ways to create menus: the standard method, which uses overlays and allows you to use shapes, templates, and add text; and the layered method.

An easy source for menu backgrounds are frames grabbed from a track’s video. By setting a marker on the frame you want, you can choose to save that frame as a TIFF file that can then be imported and used as a menu background. You can also open the file in a graphics program and add effects and text before using it as your menu’s background. See Grabbing a Still Image from Your Movie for more information.