Introduction to Preparing Alpha Transitions

All DVD Studio Pro transitions have a start and end frame, based on where the transition is being used. The standard transitions are able to transform the start and end frame video, providing the ability to have a variety of effects, such as rotating or blurring, directly applied to the video. An Alpha Transition does not directly transform the start and end frame video—it simply transitions from the start to the end based on QuickTime movies you create.

Creating an Alpha Transition requires from one to three QuickTime movies, depending on the type of transition you want to create. Some features to consider include:

An Alpha Transition has several components:

Important: For best results, be sure to use progressive (non-interlaced) video in your movies at either 60 fps for NTSC or 50 fps for PAL. Also, make sure to create movies that match the aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9) and, in the case of HD projects, the resolution of the elements you will use the transitions with. DVD Studio Pro will scale the movies to match the element if necessary; however, there will be a loss in quality.