Asset Movie

The asset movie is required if you want any kind of video other than the start and end frames to appear during the transition. For example, if you want a spinning DVD to fly across the screen during the transition, it is the asset movie that provides the flying DVD image.

The asset movie must have the same name as the transition asset folder and can have an extension. For example, if the transition asset folder’s name is Spinning DVD, the asset movie could be named Spinning

Figure. Asset movie example.

There are two optional aspects to the asset movie: an alpha channel and a switch point.

Alpha Channels

In the example with the spinning DVD flying by discussed in the previous section, Asset Movie, you would most likely want to be able to see the start or end frame video through the DVD’s hole and around its edges. For this to happen, there must be an alpha channel for DVD Studio Pro to know which parts of the asset movie video should appear and which should be ignored.

There are two ways to provide this alpha channel: embedded with the asset movie or as a separate asset matte movie (described in Asset Matte Movie).

Important: When the alpha channel is embedded with the asset movie, be sure the video output is premultiplied.

Switch Points

If your transition does not require the start and end frame video to be on the screen at the same time, you can add a switch point marker to the asset movie to control when the transition switches from showing the start frame to showing the end frame. If you do want to have both the start and end frame video on the screen at the same time, you must use a background matte movie (described in Background Matte Movie).

If the transition asset folder does not contain a background matte movie, DVD Studio Pro does the following to set the switch point:

  • DVD Studio Pro first looks in the asset movie to see if it includes a marker named TransitionSwitchPoint. If present, this marker is used as the switch point.

  • If not present, DVD Studio Pro looks to see if there are any markers in the asset movie. If present, the first marker is used as the switch point.

  • If no markers are present in the asset movie, the switch point is set to the asset movie’s halfway point.