Opening DVD Studio Pro

The first time you open DVD Studio Pro, a dialog appears where you choose the user interface configuration, the video standard, the DVD standard, and the default language to use. When opened after this, DVD Studio Pro uses the configuration, video standard, and DVD standard in use when it was last closed.

Note: The choices you make in this dialog are not permanent; all of these can be changed in either DVD Studio Pro Preferences or, in the case of the configurations, in the Window menu.

To open DVD Studio Pro the first time
  1. Start up your computer.

  2. Double-click the DVD Studio Pro icon (in the Applications folder) to open the application.

    The Choose Application Defaults dialog appears.

    Figure. The Choose Application Defaults dialog that appears the first time you open DVD Studio Pro.
  3. Select the configuration that best fits your needs.

    • Basic: Use this configuration if you intend to use the templates and styles provided by DVD Studio Pro, and intend to rely on dragging and dropping assets to create your projects. This configuration is intended for users familiar with iDVD and users new to creating DVDs.
      Figure. Basic configuration.
    • Extended: Use this configuration if you are familiar with the DVD creation process and require easy access to more of the features of DVD Studio Pro. The extended configuration displays three quadrants to provide access to additional tabs, and the Inspector.
      Figure. Extended configuration.
    • Advanced: Use this configuration to gain access to all of the capabilities of DVD Studio Pro. Use this configuration if you are authoring complex titles.
      Figure. Advanced configuration.

    Note: Once DVD Studio Pro opens, you can choose from these three configurations and others suitable for specific monitors. In addition, you can create and save your own configurations. See Configuring the Interface for more information on selecting, creating, and saving configurations.

  4. Select the video standard, NTSC or PAL, that you will use for your projects. If you are unsure of which standard to use, see Video Standards of the World.

  5. Select the default project resolution, SD DVD (Standard Definition DVD) or HD DVD (High Definition DVD), that you will use for your projects.

  6. Select the default language for your projects.

  7. Select the “Show at startup” checkbox to have this dialog appear each time you open DVD Studio Pro.

  8. Click OK to confirm your choices and continue opening DVD Studio Pro.

An untitled project opens, using the selected configuration and defaults.

See The DVD Studio Pro Interface for information on working with the quadrants, tearing off tabs into their own windows, and configuring the toolbar.