Subtitle Editor

Keyboard shortcut
Press Return while typing text.
Creates a new line.
Press Enter while typing text.
While typing text into the Subtitle Editor, exits subtitle text entry mode. While typing text in the Subtitle Inspector, creates a new line.
Creates a button.
Press Option and drag.
Duplicates the selected button.
Duplicates the selected button.
Press Command and drag.
Selects multiple buttons.
CommandArrowRightCommand-Right Arrow
Selects the next subtitle.
CommandArrowLeftCommand-Left Arrow
Selects the previous subtitle.
Press Command-Option and drag button’s edge.
Sets button navigation when you drag from a button’s edge to another button.
Press Option and drag button’s edge to resize.
Changes the button size based on its center. (You must wait to press the Option key until after you start dragging.)
Press Command-A while editing text.
Selects all of the text.
Applies a bold attribute to the selected text.
Applies an italic attribute to the selected text.
Adds an underline to the selected text.
CommandShiftLeftBraceCommand-Shift-Left Brace ({)
Left aligns the selected text.
CommandShiftVerticalBarCommand-Shift-Vertical Bar (|)
Center aligns the selected text.
CommandShiftRightBraceCommand-Shift-Right Brace (})
Right aligns the selected text.