Viewer Tab

The Viewer tab keyboard shortcuts apply to those tabs in which an asset can play. These include the Assets, Track, Story, and Slideshow tabs.

Keyboard shortcut
SpacebarSpace bar
Plays the video asset or, if playing, stops or pauses playback (depending on the “Space bar toggles between play/pause” setting in DVD Studio Pro Preferences).
If you hold down the Space bar, playing automatically stops or pauses when you release it.
Plays the video asset or, if playing, pauses playback.
ArrowRightRight Arrow
Frame step forward, or with slideshows, advance to the next slide.
ShiftArrowRightShift-Right Arrow
Step one second forward (not applicable with slideshows).
ArrowLeftLeft Arrow
Frame step backward, or with slideshows, go back to the previous slide.
ShiftArrowLeftShift-Left Arrow
Step one second backward (not applicable with slideshows).