Importing DVD Studio Pro 2 and DVD Studio Pro 3 Projects into DVD Studio Pro 4

There are several issues you should be aware of if you are importing projects created in DVD Studio Pro 2 and DVD Studio Pro 3 into DVD Studio Pro 4. These issues are discussed in the following sections:

Note: DVD Studio Pro 4 cannot import projects from DVD Studio Pro 1.

Opening Old Projects

When you open a project created in DVD Studio Pro 2 or DVD Studio Pro 3 in DVD Studio Pro 4, a warning appears saying that when you save the project, you will no longer be able to open it in DVD Studio Pro 2 or DVD Studio Pro 3.

DVD Studio Pro 4 has improved the way text items in menus are handled, which may cause some menus to look slightly different.

Importing Item Descriptions

You cannot import item descriptions saved with any earlier version of DVD Studio Pro (1, 2, or 3) into DVD Studio Pro 4. Because an item description is a text file describing an element such as a menu or track, you can create a new item description by importing a project that contains the element into DVD Studio Pro 4, then saving an item description of it.

Menu and Subtitle Text May Change

When you open a project created in DVD Studio Pro 2 or DVD Studio Pro 3 that contains text typed onto a menu or subtitle within DVD Studio Pro, that text may appear different. DVD Studio Pro 4 correctly processes the text for both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, and for both NTSC and PAL resolutions.

Additionally, if the project contains rotated menu text items, the rotated items may appear different. DVD Studio Pro 4 now correctly rotates menu text items without distorting them.

DVD Studio Pro 3 Projects Using Custom Transitions That Have Been Moved May Not Work

Projects created with DVD Studio Pro 3 that use custom Alpha Transitions may not build correctly if the transitions have been moved. (When you play the VIDEO_TS files, the transition is skipped.) You can correct this by choosing a different transition, then choosing the correct transition again everywhere the transition is used.