Final Cut Pro Help

Provides comprehensive instructions for setting up a Final Cut Pro editing system and using Final Cut Pro to ingest media, edit video, and output completed projects.

Last updated: 2010-03

Provides a fast‑paced introduction to the main features and tasks in Final Cut Pro, encouraging hands‑on exploration for new users. This document is a PDF version of the printed Exploring Final Cut Pro manual.

Download the sample video files

Last updated: 2009-07

Provides instructions for using digital cinema, high definition, and broadcast formats (such as DVCPRO HD, HDV, AVC‑Intra, Sony XDCAM, REDCODE, and Apple ProRes) and devices (such as Panasonic P2 cards and Sony Video Disk Units) with Final Cut Pro.

Last updated: 2009-12

Presents an overview of post‑production workflows, showing how to use the Final Cut Studio applications together to organize, create, and finish your content, and describes how to efficiently move projects and media from one application to another at each stage of the post‑production process.

Last updated: 2009-07