About the Apple ProRes Codecs

The Apple ProRes codecs provide an excellent solution for the most demanding modern post-production workflows. Many of today’s HD formats were developed under significant camcorder engineering constraints and therefore limit the full quality that can be carried in an HD signal. Other camera codecs preserve full quality but are too complex to achieve the software decoding speeds required for real-time editing. Uncompressed HD formats deliver the highest image quality, but the high-bandwidth, RAID-storage requirements of uncompressed HD video are daunting for most users’ budgets.

The Apple ProRes codecs maintain the highest quality and performance while requiring much less expensive editing and storage hardware (compared to uncompressed video). The Apple ProRes codecs produce video that is indistinguishable from uncompressed HD video and needs less storage space than uncompressed SD video.

The Apple ProRes codecs were designed for great software flexibility and performance. No extra hardware is required for encoding or decoding. In particular, the Apple ProRes codecs have been designed to take advantage of multicore processors. The performance of Apple ProRes codecs scales—which means that the decoding time per frame goes down—as the number of processors increases. When the system spends less time decoding each frame, it has time for more real-time effects processing.

The Apple ProRes family of codecs provides these advantages: