Apple ProRes Tips

This section lists some practical tips for working with Apple ProRes codecs.

Gamma Correction

Apple ProRes codecs have a native gamma of 2.2. The Gamma Correction setting in the advanced compression settings pane allows you to disable the automatic 1.8 to 2.2 gamma adjustment that can occur if RGB material at 2.2 gamma is misinterpreted as 1.8. In some cases this gamma adjustment is not desirable (for example, if the source image is RGB 2.2, or if the encoded Apple ProRes file is meant to be used in another RGB-based application).

  • Automatic: Select the Automatic setting to have the Apple ProRes codec convert RGB 1.8 gamma source media files to 2.2 gamma.
  • None: Select the None setting to disable the adjustment of 1.8 gamma to 2.2 gamma.
Apple ProRes 4444 Files with Alpha Channel and the Video Render Status Bar

When you import an Apple ProRes 4444 file with an embedded alpha channel, Final Cut Pro detects the alpha channel and sets the Alpha value to either Black or Straight (instead of None/Ignore). If you add the clip to a matching Apple ProRes 4444 sequence, the video render status bar in the Timeline may change color accordingly.