Choosing 720p60 DVCPRO HD Timecode Display Options

It is important that you choose the correct timecode display option for 720p60 DVCPRO HD media. Even though the timecode track of 720p60 DVCPRO HD QuickTime media files is always running at 60 fps, you can choose whether the timecode fields in Final Cut Pro display 60 or 30 fps timecode.

When editing 720p60 video, you can choose from two time display options:

When editing 720p30 or 720p24 video, you can choose to display clip time instead of source time. The clip time option displays timecode at the media file frame rate, not the media file timecode track rate.

Important: These timecode display options do not change the timecode of your media files; only the displayed timecode count is affected.

To set the timecode display for 720p60 video
  1. Open a 720p60 clip or sequence in the Viewer or Canvas.

  2. Control-click a timecode field, then choose HH:MM:SS:FF (this will display 60 fps timecode) or 60 @ 30 from the shortcut menu.

Note: The 60 @ 30 timecode display is available only when you are working with 59.94 fps or 60 fps media files and sequences.

To display clip time for a 720p30 or 720p24 clip
  1. Open a 720p30 or 720p24 clip in the Viewer.

  2. Control-click the Current Timecode field, then choose Clip Time from the shortcut menu.

The Current Timecode field now displays timecode based on the frame rate of the media file instead of the source timecode rate.

For more information about changing timecode display options, see “Working with Timecode” in the Final Cut Pro 7 User Manual.

Important: You can also view timecode for 720p50 video in two modes: HH:MM:SS:FF or 50 @ 25.