Deleting P2 Clips Directly in the Log and Transfer Window

If a P2 volume has read-and-write access (as opposed to read-only access), you can delete clips and their associated media by:

Most P2 folders and disk images have read-and-write access. However, if you mount P2 cards via an older Panasonic P2 card reader, certain Panasonic camcorders, or a Panasonic P2 store portable hard disk unit, the volumes have read-only access.

Important: If you delete a media file from a P2 card, folder, or disk image, the footage is irretrievable. Because most workflows reuse P2 cards during production, you should develop a plan for backing up original media on P2 cards in case you need to reingest it later.

For more information about using the Log and Transfer window, see “Overview of Transferring File-Based Media” and “About the Log and Transfer Window” in the Final Cut Pro 7 User Manual.