Finishing and Outputting AVC-Intra Projects

After you’ve completed your edit in Final Cut Pro, you have a range of finishing and output options for your AVC-Intra project, including sending it to Color or Compressor or outputting it to videotape.

Sending an AVC-Intra Project to Color

You can send your AVC-Intra project to Color for grading and color correction. To ensure a successful color grading and correction phase of your project, you will want to follow certain guidelines and prepare your Final Cut Pro sequence ahead of time. For complete details, see the Color User Manual.

To export a sequence to Color
  1. Select a sequence in the Browser or open a sequence in the Timeline.

  2. Choose File > Send To > Color.

  3. In the Send To Color dialog, enter a Color project name in the Color Project Name field, then click OK.

Outputting an AVC-Intra Project to Tape and Other Formats

After you finish editing, you can output your movie to videotape or export your sequence to Compressor. You can also use the Share feature to quickly create and deliver output media files in iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, MobileMe, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, YouTube, and Apple ProRes formats.

To output to tape, follow the standard procedures for using the Print to Video command. For more information, see the Final Cut Pro 7 User Manual.

To export your sequence to Compressor
  1. Open your Final Cut Pro sequence in the Timeline.

  2. Choose File > Send To > Compressor.

For more information about sending to Compressor, see the Compressor User Manual.

To export a clip or sequence using Share
  1. In Final Cut Pro, select the clip or sequence you want to export.

  2. Choose File > Share.

    The Share window appears.

For more information about using the Share feature, see “Using Share” in the Final Cut Pro 7 User Manual.

For more information about workflows, see Final Cut Studio Workflows, available at