Exporting Single Clips and Sequences with Share

The simplest way to use Share is to export a single clip or sequence to a single output media file.

To export a single clip or sequence using Share
  1. In Final Cut Pro, select the clip or sequence you want to export.

    Note: For information about allowable selections for exporting, see Making Selections for Share Export.

  2. Choose File > Share.

    The Share window opens.

    Figure. Share window.
  3. Use the Destination Folder pop-up menu or the Choose button to navigate to your chosen destination folder for the output media file.

  4. Choose an output type in the Output Type pop-up menu.

  5. Confirm the output filename in the Filename field.

    You can double-click the filename to edit it.

  6. Optionally, select the action checkbox for the output to activate any post-transcoding actions.

    The action drawer opens.

    For details of the post-transcoding actions for each output type, see Post-Transcoding Actions.

  7. Optionally, use the Cluster pop-up menu to choose which computer or cluster will process the batch.

    The default computer is This Computer, meaning the computer on which Final Cut Pro is open.

  8. Click Export.

    The Transcoding Progress window appears and Share creates the output media files. Click the Cancel button to stop the export process.

Making Selections for Share Export

Using Share, you can export three kinds of selections (of individual clips or sequences):

  • A selected sequence in the Browser or the current sequence in the Timeline

  • A selected Browser clip

  • Media between a clip’s or a sequence’s In and Out points

    Share always respects any In and Out points.

For information about group selections, see Types of Group Selections.

Using Share with Chapter Markers

Share supports chapter markers for all output formats and devices. You can add chapter markers to sequences and clips in Final Cut Pro and all output media files will include the corresponding chapter markers. For information on adding chapter markers in Final Cut Pro, see Exporting QuickTime Movies, Exporting Sequences for DVD, and Using Markers.

Additionally, you can have Share automatically insert chapter markers between the clips and sequences in a multiple selection. (This option is available only when you choose to combine multiple sources into one source.) For more information, see About the Multiple Sources Dialog and Exporting a Single Output from a Group Selection.