Exporting a QuickTime Movie File for Web Distribution

If you need to create a self-contained movie file with the same settings as the original media file, you should probably use the Export QuickTime Movie command (see Exporting QuickTime Movies). However, if you want to export a compressed QuickTime movie file for the web or some other means of distribution, you should use the Export Using QuickTime Conversion command.

To export a QuickTime movie file
  1. Choose Sequence > Settings, then click the Render Control tab.

  2. Select the appropriate rendering options for the output quality you want.

    For more information on these settings, see Render Control Tab.

  3. Select a clip or sequence in the Browser or open a sequence in the Timeline.

  4. Choose File > Export > Using QuickTime Conversion.

  5. Choose a location and enter a name for the file.

  6. Choose QuickTime Movie from the Format pop-up menu.

  7. If you want, choose a preset compression setting from the Use pop-up menu.

    The preset compression settings use the H.264 codec and target a range of download and streaming speeds.

    Figure. Save dialog showing Format pop-up menu and the Options button used to choose custom video and audio settings.
  8. To customize video, audio, and Internet streaming settings, click Options.

    Figure. Movie Settings dialog showing the Video checkbox, Sound checkbox, and "Prepare for Internet Streaming" checkbox.

    Note: Unless you are creating movies for online distribution, turn off Internet streaming options for the best results.

    For detailed information on settings, see Configuring QuickTime Movie Settings.

  9. When you’ve finished selecting your options, click OK.

  10. When you’re ready to export, click Save.

    A dialog shows you the progress of the export. To cancel your export, press Esc or click Cancel.

Note: Whenever you use the Export Using QuickTime Conversion command, all audio that requires rendering is automatically rendered with a render quality of High, regardless of the render quality setting.