Determining the Image Format for Still-Image Export

Final Cut Pro uses the built-in QuickTime technology in Mac OS X to export still images. Because QuickTime supports a wide variety of graphics (still-image) formats, nearly any graphics format you need to export is supported.

If you’re exporting images for a website, JPEG is a good option because it compresses images to a small size but maintains fairly high quality. If you want to export images without compression, you can export TIFF or Photoshop files.

Note: If you need to export a sequence as a numbered image sequence (a collection of still images), you’ll go through a slightly different process than simply exporting a single still image.

Resolution of Exported Still Images

Exported still images are 72 dpi. This number cannot be changed during export and is irrelevant for video and computer use. If you are exporting for print and you need to adjust the dpi setting, you can do so in a graphics application such as Adobe Photoshop.

Bit Depth of Exported Still Images

Exported still images are always exported using 8 bits per pixel per color channel. For example, an RGB TIFF or Photoshop file uses a total of 24 bits (3 channels x 8 bits per channel) per pixel. If an alpha channel is included, the exported file uses 32 bits per pixel (4 channels x 8 bits per channel).