Installing and Restoring Easy Setups

Final Cut Pro places several Easy Setup files on your hard disk during installation. If you move any of these Easy Setups from their original location, you can restore them by moving them back to the correct folder. If you deleted these Easy Setups, you can reinstall them by reinstalling the Final Cut Pro software from the Final Cut Pro installation disc.

Some third-party video interfaces may include Easy Setups that support the interface codecs. If no installer or instructions are included with the interface, you can manually install the Easy Setups.

To manually install third-party Easy Setups or restore Easy Setups that you’ve moved
  • Drag the Easy Setup preset files to the following folder:

    /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Custom Settings/

    The next time you open Final Cut Pro, the Easy Setups and their presets will be available in the Audio/Video Settings window and the Easy Setup dialog.

To restore the original Easy Setups that came with Final Cut Pro
  • Reinstall the Final Cut Pro software from the Final Cut Studio installation disc.