Connecting Your Camcorder

The following illustration demonstrates how to connect a camcorder to the FireWire port on your computer, so that you can capture video (transfer the video from your camcorder to your computer) and output your program back to DV tape. For more information on FireWire, see About FireWire.

Figure. Diagram showing a DV camcorder being connected to a computer using a FireWire cable.
To connect your DV camcorder or VTR to your computer
  1. Connect the 4-pin connector on one end of your FireWire cable to the 4-pin FireWire port on your camcorder.

    Important: Some DV decks may use a 6-pin FireWire connector instead of a 4-pin connector. Make sure you use a FireWire cable that matches the connector on your video device.

  2. Connect the 6-pin connector on the other end of your FireWire cable to a FireWire 400 port on your computer.

  3. Turn on your VTR or camcorder, and switch it to VCR (or VTR) mode.

For information on connecting or transferring file-based media from a newer advanced camcorder, see the documentation that came with the camcorder and refer to Transferring File-Based Media.