Opening the Log and Capture Window

The Log and Capture window provides controls for controlling a VTR or camcorder, previewing video from tape, setting In and Out points, logging, and capturing clips. It must be open before you can log and capture clips. For more details, see About the Log and Capture Window.

To open the Log and Capture window
  • Choose File > Log and Capture (or press Command-8).

The Logging tab is active by default. To choose another tab, click it.

Once you have connected your VTR or camcorder to your computer, you can view your video in the Preview area of the Log and Capture window, or you can connect your video device to an external video monitor to view footage while logging.

Note: The size of the video preview area in the Log and Capture window is based on the current height of the Canvas window.

To change the size of the video preview area in the Log and Capture window
  1. Close the Log and Capture window.

  2. Change the size of the Canvas to the size you want to make the video preview area.

  3. Choose File > Log and Capture (or press Command-8).

The Log and Capture window opens based on the current size of the Canvas.

To monitor audio directly from your video or audio device while you log
Do one of the following:
  • Connect headphones to the headphone output of your camcorder or VTR.

  • Connect audio outputs from your camcorder or VTR to external speakers.

To monitor incoming audio directly from your system audio output
  1. Choose File > Log and Capture (or press Command-8), then click the Clip Settings tab.

  2. In the Audio area, select the Preview option.

This option routes the incoming signal to the audio output selected in the Sound pane of System Preferences. Each audio channel you turn on for capture is routed to a corresponding output on your audio interface, while disabled channels are not heard. If your audio interface has fewer audio outputs than the number of channels you are capturing, the audio is downmixed to stereo. This does not affect your captured media files; only the preview of audio during logging and capturing is affected.

About the Preview Disabled Message

When Final Cut Pro is not set up with the appropriate capture preset or the capture device is not available, Final Cut Pro displays the message Preview Disabled in the Preview area. If you see the Preview Disabled message, check that you’ve selected the correct capture preset for your device and make sure the device is connected to your computer correctly. If the message still appears, check with the manufacturer of your device to make sure you have the latest device drivers installed. Installing the latest driver often eliminates this problem.