Capturing from an Audio Device Without Device Control

If your audio device does not support device control, you can manually press Play on the audio device and click the Capture Now button in the Log and Capture window. However, without device control, Final Cut Pro cannot receive timecode. If you capture a media file without timecode, you will not be able to accurately recapture your footage again later.

If you want the ability to recapture your audio again later, you need to capture from media that has timecode using a deck that supports device control. One solution is to dub your audio onto a tape format that has a timecode track, such as DV or Digital Betacam. If you dub your audio to DV, make sure you use 16-bit (2-channel) audio mode so you record at the highest possible quality. Once your audio is transferred, you can capture your DV audio clips using FireWire and DV device control, the same way you would capture DV video clips.

Figure. Diagram showing examples of media without timecode, including CDs, cassettes and DAT tapes, and media with timecode, including DV and DAT tapes.