Previewing Clips

The Preview area allows you to view your clips.

Figure. Preview area in the Log and Transfer window.

The transport controls include the following buttons and markers.

Figure. Preview area's transport controls, buttons, and markers.

Note: When the format of a file-based media clip doesn’t allow the use of certain features in the Preview area, the feature controls don’t appear in the window.

The transport, navigation, and marking controls in the Preview area work in the same way as the controls in the Viewer and Canvas. The same keyboard shortcuts, including the J, K, and L keys for playback, also work. Looped playback can be turned on or off by choosing View > Loop Playback (or by pressing Control-L).

You can press the Tab key to move through the fields in the Preview and Logging areas. For more information about the controls in the Viewer, see Viewer Basics.

Final Cut Pro treats all the selected clips in the Browse area as a single continuous entity when you are jogging; shuttling; using the J, K, and L keys; or clicking the Previous Clip and Next Clip buttons. For example, when the playhead reaches the end of a clip in the selection, the next selected clip is opened and playback continues. However, if you enable looped playback (by choosing View > Loop Playback or by pressing Control-L), playback is limited to the clip that appears in the Preview area.

The Previous Clip and Next Clip buttons navigate within the range of selected clips in the Browse area. (However, if just one clip is selected, you can navigate through all the clips.)

To move from clip to clip within the selected clips in the Browse area
Do one of the following:
  • Click the Previous Clip button (or press Command–Control–Left Arrow).

  • Click the Next Clip button (or press Command–Control–Right Arrow).