Aligning Items in the Timeline by Their Markers

You can move a clip item in the Timeline by dragging one of its markers. When you do this with snapping turned on, the marker becomes the clip item’s snap point. So while you’re dragging a clip item by one of its markers, its In and Out points won’t snap to anything. This allows you to quickly align markers in sequence clips to one another, or to markers in your sequence.

For example, suppose you have a sequence that contains a shot of a person dropping a glass and an audio clip of jarring music. You can easily align these elements to a specific point in your sequence by adding markers at the relevant points in your sequence clips, and then dragging each sequence clip by the marker with snapping turned on.

To align markers in sequence clip items to a sequence marker
  1. Add markers to important frames of individual video and audio clip items in your sequence.

  2. Add a marker to the place in your sequence where you want to align your clip items.

  3. Make sure snapping is turned on by doing one of the following:

    • Click the Snapping button in the Timeline.

    • Press N.

      Figure. Timeline window showing a sequence marker and markers in a video clip and audio clips.
  4. Drag the video clip item by its marker until it snaps to the sequence marker.

  5. Drag the audio clip item by its marker until it snaps to the sequence marker.

The video and audio clip item markers are now aligned with the sequence marker.

Figure. Timeline window showing that the video clip markers and audio clip markers are now aligned on the sequence marker.

Note: When you drag a clip from the Browser or Viewer with snapping turned on, the clip’s markers will snap to other clip or sequence markers in the Timeline.