Locking Tracks to Prevent Edits or Changes

If you want to set one or more tracks as temporarily “off limits” to edits or changes, you can lock them using the Lock Track control in each track’s header. While a locked track can be specified as a destination track, no media will be edited into a locked track. Locked tracks appear cross-hatched in the Timeline.

To lock a single track
  • Click the Lock Track control to the left of the track.

The icon changes to a closed lock, and a crosshatch pattern is displayed on the track. No edits will be placed on the locked track until you unlock it.

To lock a video track using keyboard shortcuts
  • Press F4 and the number of the track you want to lock (for tracks 1 through 9).

To lock an audio track using keyboard shortcuts
  • Press F5 and the number of the track you want to lock (for tracks 1 through 9).

    Figure. Timeline window showing a Lock Track control locked and the audio track crosshatched to indicate it is locked.
To lock all video tracks in a sequence
  • Press Shift-F4.

To lock all audio tracks in a sequence
  • Press Shift-F5.

To lock all other audio or video tracks except the selected track
  • Press Option while clicking the Lock Track control for the track you don’t want locked.

About Working with Clips on Locked Tracks

Clip items on locked tracks cannot be moved, edited, deleted, or modified in any way. However, they can still be selected, along with any linked items in other tracks.

The Editing tab of the User Preferences window has an option called “Pen tools can edit locked item overlays” (to view this window, choose Final Cut Pro > User Preferences). If this option is selected, you can use the Pen, Delete Point, and Smooth Point tools to modify the audio levels or opacity of clip items even though they’re on locked tracks. Clip overlays only control audio levels and video opacity. No other clip parameters can be changed when a track is locked.