Selecting a Vertical Range Between In and Out Points

When you want to copy, move, or cut a selection of content that ranges vertically across multiple tracks, a quick method is to select it by setting In and Out points.

To select clip items between sequence In and Out points
  1. Set In and Out points in either the Canvas or the Timeline.

    Figure. Timeline window showing In and Out points.
  2. In the Timeline, turn on the Auto Select controls for tracks that contain clip items you want to select.

    For more information, see Using Auto Select to Specify Tracks for Selections.

  3. Choose Mark > Select In to Out (or press Option-A) to select your clips.

    Figure. Timeline window showing a selected clip and In and Out points marking its ends.

Only the parts of clip items between the In and Out points in tracks with Auto Select turned on are selected.

Final Cut Pro also allows you to create In and Out points from the current Timeline selection. For more information, see Setting In and Out Points Based on a Selection in the Timeline.