Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Shortcut Buttons for Multiclip Editing

To make editing more efficient, you can assign multiclip commands to custom keyboard shortcuts in the Keyboard Layout tool. You can also add multiclip shortcut buttons to the button bars in the Viewer, Canvas, Timeline, and so on.

You can assign the following multiclip commands to keyboard shortcuts or button bars:

Tip: For a complete list of multiclip commands, choose Tools > Button List, then click the disclosure triangle next to “Multiclip.“

You can set any keyboard shortcuts you want for the multiclip commands in Final Cut Pro. By default, most multiclip commands use the keys of the number pad with modifier keys to switch and cut between multiclip angles. For more information on setting keyboard shortcuts, see Customizing the Interface.

Final Cut Pro also comes with a preinstalled keyboard layout and button bars for multicamera editing. These are usually sufficient for most multiclip editing.

To load the built-in keyboard layout for multiclip (multicamera) editing
  • Choose Tools > Keyboard Layout > Multicamera Editing.

To load the built-in button bars for multiclip editing
  • Choose Tools > Button Bars > Multiclip.

Note: All multiclip keyboard shortcuts and shortcut buttons can be used during playback or scrubbing.