Extending and Shortening Clips in the Timeline

A convenient way to extend or shorten a clip in the Timeline is to tell Final Cut Pro to adjust an edit point to the current position of the playhead. An extend edit moves an edit point between two clips to the playhead position in the Timeline.

Note: Although these are often referred to as extend edits, you can just as easily shorten clips with this method.

Figure. Diagram showing a clip being lengthened or shortened.

When linked selection is disabled, extend edits are very useful for creating split edits. You can also use extend edits to quickly line up a lot of edit points to the same position in the Timeline. For example, to make all of the clips at the end of your movie end at exactly the same place, you can select the last edit points in each track in the Timeline, move the playhead to the position where you want all the clips to end, and then use an extend edit to move all of the edit points to the playhead position at once.

To use an extend edit to change the duration of a clip in the Timeline
  1. Select the edit points for the clips you want to extend using either the Selection tool or the Edit Selection tool.

    Note: To create a split edit, turn off linked selection by clicking the Linked Selection button in the Timeline, or hold down the Option key to temporarily turn off linked selection while you select edit points.

  2. Move the playhead to the position in your sequence where you want to put the selected edit point.

    Figure. Timeline window showing an edit point selected and the playhead positioned where the edit point should move.
  3. Choose Sequence > Extend Edit (or press E).

The selected edit point is rolled to the position of the playhead.

Figure. Timeline window showing the selected edit point after it  has been moved to the position of the playhead.

If you selected multiple edit points for clip items in several tracks using the Edit Selection tool, all of these clip edit points are moved to the position of the playhead.

Note: If you try to extend an edit farther than the total amount of media available in a clip, Final Cut Pro does not extend the edit point.